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Coffee Shows Peru And Its Nature In A Figurative Way

Originally, Manta Coffee, the coffee brand known as Khomanta, visualizes Peruvian culture through its vibrant and illustrated packaging designed by Alejandro Gavancho. The packaging of these bags is anything but monotonous, and the colors alone will help it stand out on a shelf in a sea of competitors.


Main packaging and labels based on the colour universe that was created for the illustration. Altitude and the aroma notes for each variety of coffee were an important factor in choosing the colours.

The client made it clear from the beginning that they wanted to show Peru and its nature in a more figurative way, using the flowers that grow here, the mountains, the spatuletail hummingbird: a bird that is in danger of extinction, and of course the blanket: the inspiration behind the name of the brand.

The solution was to create a scene where all of the elements come together in harmony. The illustration was created following the idea that the blankets are made by hand by the locals, just the same as the coffee. The illustration was then juxtaposed with a modern, timeless logo and a colour palette that is inspired by the colours of Peru, achieving a colourful and striking packaging which tells a story as you discover each element that has been incorporated into the design.



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