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Updated: Feb 6

A lof of business owners are dreaming about high engagement in Instagram. But there is a lot of things you SHOULD do and SHOULD NOT do. Throughout the years I learned what works and what doesn’t. Hopefully these are some tips you can take that will help you improve your Instagram strategy!


DO engage with those in your niche: Engaging with others only helps you. It’s kind to engage back with those who engage with you. If someone likes your post, like their’s back. Don’t ignore those who engage with you. It’s all about growing connections and relationships.

DO follow those who’s content you love: If you like someone’s content then you should absolutely follow them! If they like your content too they will follow back. If you are following those who are posting similar content you are better off! The chances of them following back are much higher. Don’t unfollow an account if you like their content! What’s the point?

DO use at least a few hashtags: Hashtags are great to help get your post seen by those who aren’t following you! Make sure the hashtags are related to your photo and niche. I recommend only using hashtags in your caption, not your comments! You can hide the hashtags a little in your caption by using this set up

Don’t ignore those who engage with you. It’s all about growing connections and relationships"


DO make use of your Instagram stories: I know you may be shy, or out of place recording yourself for all of your followers to watch, BUT it seriously helps! I share some Instagram story ideas here.

DO create a theme: My following began to rise after I started an instagram theme. You can create a theme by using the same colors for your photos, editing your photos the same way, buying tile from Home Depot to create flatlays, or purchasing Instagram presets from creative market. I also use three amazing apps that help: UNUM (helps to organize and see what your theme would look like before you post), VSCO + LIGHTROOM (awesome for photo editing.)

DO leave your email in your bio: This will allow brands or anyone who wants to contact you, be able to do so!

DO link your latest blog post or blog in your bio: This is a handy tool! If you leave your link to your blog in your bio and let others know when you update, you will gain traffic to your blog. I also use link tree so that I can use multiple links.


Be original, show off your style, and tell your story.”

DON’T follow to unfollow: This drives everyone crazy. If you have no interest in following someone, then don’t follow. If you follow just to unfollow them when they follow you back – YOU ARE BEING RUDE.

DON’T use bots: Using bots to like, comment and follow people for you is just tacky and inauthentic. Most of the comments will be unrelated to the photo. NO ONE likes those comments. Be authentic and engage with those who actually appeal to you. Be real. Everyone loves those who are REAL.

DON’T focus on numbers: If you focus on numbers you will drive yourself crazy. Instead, try to focus on having those who already follow you engage with your content. Focus on improving your content quality and establishing connections. This will do more for you than focusing on numbers. It doesn’t matter about the numbers, as long as those who do follow you LOVE your content and engage with you.

DON’T post multiple photos in a row: You will most likely annoy your followers if you do. It gets frustrating when theres 5 photos in a row from the same person, It can come off as “spammy”.

DON’T ignore your followers: Make sure to engage with your followers as often as possible! Making your followers feel welcomed and connected with you will help keep them around. Be a friend!

DON’T buy your followers: Buying your followers is so damaging. Most followers that you will get from buying will never end up actually engaging with your content. It defeats the purpose. If you have 100,000 followers and only 100 of them like your content, you look a little silly.

Accounts that you receive as followers when buying them are usually spam accounts, or accounts that are idle.

Conclusion Finally, Instagram does not require you to engage with everyone. The platform has so many features to help you gain visibility, and you can spend hours on it. Have you ever considered that there might be a *much* easier way to create social media content in just MINUTES that connects and CONVERTS for your amazing business!?? Take a look at my Complete Content 24/7 - Digital Product Edition.

I hope these do’s and don’ts of Instagram were helpful!

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